Your Moment Massage
This is the moment...Your Moment!

Special Instructions for COVID-19

Please read our restrictions to keep you safe. 

*PLEASE wait at least 2 days after getting a COVID-19 vaccine to get a massage. 

*Please wash your hands upon arrival.

* You will be required to fill out a release form to receive massage.

*The door will be locked between guests. Please wait in your car until your scheduled appointment. We want to limit people in our waiting room. There will be no magazines to read or beverages at this time. Please bring your own water, tea etc.

*We will be wearing a mask. Please bring your own mask if you choose. 

*We will sanitize in compliance to the COVID-19 guidelines so our appointment times will be limited at this time. (At least 1 hour and a half between clients) 

*Please reschedule your appointment if you have a compromised immune system for any reason (including pregnancy) or any of these symptoms:

Cough Cold Fever etc. (any of the other symptoms associated with COVID-19)

This includes anyone you have been in contact with or that lives with you. 

Please be patient with us we will be texting or calling to reschedule appointments canceled before. Due to our limited space/times available we will get you in asap. This is going to take some getting used to. Thank you for your continued patience, prayers and support:)

Please call or text with any Questions:)

See you soon:)